Douglas Irvine is a composer, sound artist and instrument maker who lives and works in New England. His music and sound work has been featured internationally through museums, art galleries, public radio, film, video and computer-based media. With a background in the musical traditions of ancient Middle Eastern cultures, Doug teaches and lectures about the musical practices of civilizations including ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia.

As a performer, Doug specializes in Middle Eastern percussion instruments including the Arabic tabla and frame drums. He also plays a variety of string and wind instruments from the Near East and Africa. His independent recorded works include the radio documentary, Lost Sounds of the Nile, his self released CD, Ambient Egypt, and the natural history recording, Soundscapes of the Dinosaurs.

"World cultures past and present remind us that music is both a universal form of expression and a powerful tool for teaching our children."

Douglas Irvine

Douglas Irvine pictured with Driftwood Harp from
the sound sculpture series Silent Ensemble