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approximate Egyptian dates for reference:

Old Kingdom, 2575-2130 BC
Middle Kingdom 2040-1640 BC
New Kingdom, 1550-1070 BC
Late Period, 710330BC
Greco/Roman Period, 395-640
sounds and instruments
Surviving Instrument Specimen Samples:

pair of pre-Greco/Roman finger
cymbals; Byzantine Period bells,
various types; pottery rattles, Iron
Age II, Syria/Palestine; sounds from King Tutankhamun's trumpets.
from the artist

Ancient Egyptian Instrument Replicas and Sound Samples:

angle harp, 21 strings, Late Period; floor harp, Old Kingdom; shoulder harp, New Kingdom; long-necked lutes, Middle & New Kingdoms;
bass lyre, New Kingdom; asymmetrical
lyre, New Kingdom.

end blown flute (nay) Old, Middle
& New Kingdoms; double clarinet, Old Kingdom; double Oboe, New Kingdom; pan pipes, Greco/Roman.

drums and percussion
frame drums, Middle & New Kingdoms; arched sistrum (rattle),
Late Period; bells & miscellaneous
percussion: see above surviving
instrument specimens; clappers,
Old, Middle & New Kingdoms.
audio clips