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The Sumerian Gold Lyre, c. 2650 BC (BCE)


As a result of the looting that occurred at the Baghdad Museum in April 2003, the current status of the Sumerian Gold Lyre, from which I based my reconstruction (left), is currently unknown. The possible theft of this great instrument and thousands of other valuable artifacts leave a tremendous gap in the knowledge, historical preservation and understanding of Iraq's ancient civilizations.

Research Dedication:

This section of my web site, "The Sumerian Gold Lyre" is presented as an educational resource to the general public and is dedicated to the people of Iraq whose history, culture and heritage continues to inspire the world community.

Douglas Irvine

Detail of Sumerian Gold Lyre replica, by Douglas Irvine. Original instrument : Ur, circa 2650 BC (BCE). Replica by Douglas Irvine.

Sounds of the Gold Lyre replica are featured in Douglas Irvine's CD, Ambient Egypt. The recording features dozens of ancient instruments from Mesopotamia and Egypt.
Status & Dedication / Gold Lyre Introduction / Lyre Reconstruction & Anatomy
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