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Lost Sounds of the Nile
a radio documentary
Lost Sounds of the Nile, a radio documentary, explores the rich body of musical evidence surrounding ancient Egyptian culture. The program features numerous facets of daily life and religion to which music was strongly connected. Various types of ancient Egyptian musical instruments are played and discussed, their sounds woven together with original music and field recordings from the Nile Valley. Intriguing observations from scholars, musicians and instrument makers from Egypt and the US help shed light on the many compelling questions concerning the ancient Egyptian musical world. Total running time: 26:30.
Kadry Sorour
Hear Lost Sounds of the Nile in real audio format.
Temple workers listening
to field recordings with
D. Irvine in Aswan, Egypt

Scott Marcus, Ethnomusicologist, Professor of Music, University of California at Santa Barbara.

Kadry Sorour, nay player, instrument maker, Director of the National Arab Ensemble of Egypt.

Emily Teeter, Egyptologist, Assistant Curator, the Oriental Institute, University of Chicago.

The expertise, enthusiasm and insight of the program's participants is gratefully acknowledged. Their invaluable contributions and generosity provided great depth and richness.

Douglas Irvine,

Written, produced & narrated
by Douglas Irvine

Nay (flute) performances:
Scott Marcus & Kadry Sorour

Musical score
by D. Irvine

Special thanks to:

Sean Gallagher: text editor

Matthew Talmage:
ethnomusicology consultant

Kate Preftakes:

This program was made possible
in part by a grant from The Illinois Arts Council, a state agency.


Lost Sounds of the Nile
a radio documentary

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Ambient Winds from
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Program time: 26:30
Total time: 37:00

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