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For Teachers in the Classroom

Teachers and their students have benefited from Doug’s CDs in the classroom by using them with school projects and lesson plans.

If you teach kids or adults, here are some quick examples of how Doug’s recordings can be utilized in the classroom. These are very summarized descriptions, and plans a more in-depth resources section for teachers in the coming months.

Background Music: Ambient Egypt makes a suitable musical score to accompany students' oral reports, presentations or multi-media projects. Many of the tracks to Ambient Egypt were composed as soundtrack music played in art museums.

Identifying Instruments: Students are asked to hear and identify specific instruments. The can then classify instruments into basic categories. Soon WilliamSound.con will feature a new section that provides detailed information on the instruments of the ancient world with sounds and images.

Writing Exercises: Combining social studies and language arts disciplines, Ambient Egypt has been used by teachers during writing exercise. Students are assigned the task of writing small scenes or imaginary descriptions to specific tracks on the recording.

Recordings for Workshops
and the Classroom

Creating a mood with background music or helping kids to identify the insturments they hear, Doug’s recordings are a key component to his workshops. By listening to recorded music and sound in a structured, educational setting, students are able to focus on subject matter while sensitizing their ears to the sounds around them . A couple of recordings that Doug uses in his childrens' music workshops and adult lectures include...

Ambient Egypt, Sound from Ancient Sources was composed with reconstructed and surviving musical instruments form ancient cultures including Egypt and Mesopotamia. Many of the tracks contain sparse and ambient sections ideal as accompaniment for oral presentations or simple mood music

Lost Sounds of the Nile: produced as a half hour radio documentary for adult audiences, this program is ideal listening for students of ancient civilizations, ethnomusicology and cultural anthropology. Grade, middle and high school students can also benefit from sections of the program when teachers incorporate its information into their curriculum and lesson plans.

Temple workers at Philae in Aswan, Egypt listen to Doug's field recordings for the radio documentary, Lost Sounds of the Nile. Photo: © Kate Preftakes 1997