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in the classroom
Douglas Irvine brings his workshops to the classroom, teaching students the history of ancient cultures through the making of music. Working with teachers and classroom curriculum, Doug reinforces and enriches the study of early civilizations through a variety of music-based activities. Critical listening, collaboration, self-expression and fun are all emphasized in workshops that use ancient musical instruments to evoke curiosity and discovery in a familiar classroom setting.

By exploring ancient musical traditions in a hands-on format, kids begin to see history as a subject relevant to their own experiences and social interaction. Workshops have been created to fit the needs of grade school, middle school and high school levels. Doug has also adapted his programming for private and religious school students whose teachers are interested in exploring history through music.

Sixth grade students at Wirth School in Chicago explore ancient rhythms with modern style. Here, frame drums and bells provide a classroom groove. Photo: © Wirth School.