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"ancient" musical instrument making
Kids love to make musical instruments. The crafting of "ancient" instruments engages students in the history of music and cultures of the deep past. Working with a variety of materials, Douglas Irvine offers students the opportunity to craft their own string, wind and percussion instruments inspired by those known in the ancient world.
Students and adults get a quick demo in construction.
Wood, clay, metal and common household materials are all utilized in the crafting of student-made instruments. Specific projects range from tunable, wooden stringed instruments to kiln-baked terra cotta rattles and percussion items. Younger students work with simple found objects such as paper cups, coffee cans and other household supplies. Workshops accommodate a wide variety of age and skill levels, and sessions often finish up with improvised music made from students' newly crafted creations.
Photos: © Kate Preftakes, 2000
Ancient lyres are proudly displayed by young participants at the Honolulu Academy of Arts