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performance workshops
As a musician and instrument maker, Douglas Irvine shares his musical experience with kids, helping them to create their own new music. Whether students compose with reconstructed instruments of the ancient world or found objects of the 21st century, they learn to work together while discovering the rich sounds of self-expression.
An industrial percussion duet takes place at Doug's workshop at the Seattle Art Museum
Students perform with musical instruments while exploring various musical parameters that are often connected to classroom curriculum or historical subject matter. Specialized workshops emphasize cooperative playing, listening, self-expression and positive reinforcement for many age levels, and no previous musical experience is required. Fun is always a primary goal as students learn to compose dynamic, energetic music in an educational context. Often, sessions are tape recorded, allowing participants to sharpen their listening skills, as they enjoy identifying and analyzing the music they make.

Numerous museums, schools and arts organizations have hosted Doug's performance workshops throughout the country.

Ancient Near Eastern instruments are discovered and played by sixth grade students at the Wirth School in Chicago. Photo: © Wirth School, 1997