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November 16, 2002
Museum of Science, Boston: Celebrating the opening to the Egyptian exhibition of antiquites, Douglas Irvine performed for a special gathering of museum members, staff and distinguished guests, including Nabil Famy, The Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

An instrument maker and music historian, Doug plays a variety reconstructed ancient Egyptian instruments, including harps, lyres, lutes, flutes and drums. Doug returns to the Museum of Science January 15, 2003 to perform live works from his CD, Ambient Egypt, Sounds from Ancient Sources.

Ambient Egypt provides the musical score to the museum's audio tour, and the planetarium program, Stars of the Pharaohs. Ambient Egypt is also available at the Museum of Science Store.

Douglas Irvine plays his reconstruction of a 4-stringed ancient Egyptian shoulder harp. The shoulder harp was popular from 1500 to 1350 BC and a few examples of the instrument survive today. Photo: Kate Preftakes, © 2002.
Ambient Egypt,
Sounds from Ancient Sources.
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