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From African Art to Dinosaurs, Doug's music and sound work can be found here...

November 16, 2002: Performing at the Museum of Science, Boston, Douglas Irvine celebrated the new travelling Egypt exhibit opening with his collection of ancient Egyptian musical instruments. Doug played for museum members and distinguished guests, including Nabil Famy, The Ambassador of the Arab Republic of Egypt. The exhibit offers a "greater scope than the Tutankhamun exhibit of the late 1970s." FULL STORY

Ancient Egypt Magazine features two back to back articles on Douglas Irvine’s background with ancient Egyptian musical traditions. Click the magazine cover...

Excerpts of Douglas Irvine' CD, Ambient Egypt, are featured in various Museum of Science programs including...

The exhbit's audio tour, narrated by Jeremy Irons.

The Planeterium's new show, Stars of the Pharaohs: November 20, 2002–March 30, 2003

Doug plays the Egyptian nay for guests at the Museum of Science, Boston. The nay, an end blown flute made of Nile reed, was first documented by the ancient Egyptians nearly 5000 years ago. Photo: Kate Preftakes, © 2002.
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